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Puncture Guard

    The 100 & 200 are Trim-To-Fit for 100% coverage  

 Item # 100SFP-SD fits up to a men's size 13-US

 Item # 200SFP-LD fits up to a men's size 16-US
Patent Pending
Orders only in the United States
" Making your world a safer place to walk" ®
An HT ceramic  textile insole protects       
the entire surface of the sole of the foot.
A traditional steel-plate insole protects  
approx. 85% of the sole of the foot.
Patent Pending
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Disclaimer: These insoles are manufactured with the intent to try and help prevent punctures to the foot sole which may occur while the end user is around unforeseen potential threats of penetrable objects. Even
thou the insole has helped thousands of end users we cannot guarantee punctures will not happen. Just like no ship is unsinkable, these insoles are penetrable at some point.
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